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Sinkers are a special caste in the system of mining operations. Any mine begins with a sinking, it is these miners who take the courage to go to the bottom first. Their duties include a complex of works on the laying of mines and mines for the subsequent extraction of minerals. One of such advanced brigades at the Zhomart mine is the brigade of Zhaiyk Zhaksylykov.

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The work experience of foreman Zhaksylykov in the production sector is 29 years, he connected his life with production back in 1991 after graduating from the O. A. Zhezkazgan University named after O. A. Baikonurov. His first place of work was the Zhezkazgan Mining Trust, where he worked as an underground miner until 2006. In the same year, after the opening of the Zhomart mine, he transferred to a new mine by those standards.

The task of our team is to drill wells with the help of drilling rigs, often explosive materials are used in the work during mining operations. As a rule, drilling and loading and delivery machines are good assistants in the work of sinkers. By the way, the work of a sinker is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. High physical endurance is necessary here, the worker must have a good eye, have a good spatial imagination, and RAM. If suddenly there was a force majeure, then the sinker is simply obliged to have a quick reaction and be stress-resistant. Sinking is the basis of the future of any mine. Everyone knows that the construction of many underground structures cannot do without the active participation of underground structures.

Our team consists of 10 people: Eldos Abishev, Ruslan Taylakov, Bauyrzhan Akimzhanov, Yerzhigit Omarov, Kanat Uruktemirov, Zhandos Sarbayev, Nurzhan Nagashybayev, Orynbasar Makhanov, Bauyrzhan Ustaev and I, Zhaiyk Zhaksylykov. Each of us is completely devoted to our favorite business, we work hard to benefit our native enterprise and the region with our work. The motto of our brigade is " Only forward!". During the Covid-19 pandemic, preventive measures were taken at the mine to prevent infection. Many miners have received a vaccine against Covid-19, this allows them to protect those who are nearby from infection, given the shift method of work of miners. The underground machines of Atlas Copco and Sandvik companies help us a lot in our work. If we compare the first years of the formation of the mine with modern times, we can see a big difference. Now most of the work is automated, this greatly facilitates the work. I remember the first years at the mine, then my mentor was a well-known production worker, the owner of the order "Kurmet" Kalibek Tatambayev. I never forget the lessons of this experienced miner, his advice and secrets of skill, I carried them through many years — " Zhaiyk Kuandykovich recalls.

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The most important wealth of our hero is a family: a spouse, three children and six grandchildren. My wife works as a teacher at the lyceum school No. 7, my daughters and one of my sons-in-law also work in production. The cherished dream of Zhaiyk Kuandykovich is not to win a million in the lottery, but to make children and grandchildren grow up worthy citizens of Kazakhstan.

For many years of impeccable service, the production worker was awarded certificates of honor and three signs of "Kenshi danki" of I, II, III degrees. On the eve of the upcoming Miner's Day, the team of Hayk Zhaksylykov congratulates colleagues on the upcoming holiday, wishes a strong roof, shifts without force majeure, peace and prosperity to families.

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