15 Oct 2021

Kazakhmys updates mining equipment

Current activity

According to the investment program for 2021, Kazakhmys continues technical re-equipment of hazardous production facilities - mines. In total, it is planned to purchase 202 units of self-propelled mining equipment. To date, half of the equipment has been purchased and put into operation.

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These are dump trucks, loaders, drilling rigs of the world's leading manufacturers of mining equipment SANDVIK, CATERPILLAR, EPIROS, etc. Auxiliary equipment was also purchased: machines for transporting people, excavators, tractors, charging and irrigation machines and other vehicles.

The new equipment came in place of obsolete and worn-out equipment and has a number of advantages compared to previous modifications, the main ones are: safety, automation and productivity.

According to the analysis of the operation of self-propelled equipment for 8 months of this year, the technical re-equipment of the fleet of machines at mines has led to an increase in the actual performance indicators of mining equipment as a result of improved productivity and reduced emergency downtime of equipment. The replacement of self-propelled mining equipment has a positive effect on the state of industrial safety and labor protection, as the new machines are equipped with all possible elements of an active and passive safety system

Kuanysh Zhubanyshev, Chief mechanic of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

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